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Pharmaceutical companies

What you gain
I get text messages from patients at my leisure
At Doctor.One, you take care of your patients without sacrificing your relaxation.

Medical clinics

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I can't relax after work
Experience the relief of not having to respond instantly to patient messages with Doctor.One.


What you gain
I don't want to treat only symptoms during visits
Unleash your impact on patient care with Doctor.One, where time constraints don't limit you.
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The only such medical app

Doctor.One is based on a communicator between the patient and the medical contact. Direct access to asynchronous conversation gives you both.

Doctor.One means safety and professionalism

Here we say that we are professional, our application is safe and the data of your company, patients, doctors will be under control.

Your secure alternative to SMS, messenger and emails

Safeguard your patient's most sensitive information – their medical data. Here, you ensure the security of patient messages and photos beyond the capabilities of text messages, messengers, and emails.
Our Process

We provide tailor-made solutions

Our innovation process begins with in-depth needs discovery and problem diagnosis, leading to the development of possible solutions and the definition of detailed requirements. Then, through co-creation, pilot implementation and support and development, we ensure effective implementation to deliver sustainable and effective results.

success stories

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stages of care

Revolution in MS treatment

Program descriptionProgram descriptionProgram descriptionProgram descriptionProgram description.
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stages of care

Revolution in MS treatment

Program descriptionProgram descriptionProgram descriptionProgram descriptionProgram description.
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We measure the effectiveness of our implementation

involvement in therapy

8x more

micro doctor-patient interactions than visits
effectiveness of contact


Patients have increased their knowledge of the disease and treatment
access to care

20x faster

access to the doctor in charge of the therapeutic process
quality of care


Doctors see improvement in quality of care for their patients
positive experience


patients very satisfied with the program
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Create innovations in medicine with us

We provide a comprehensive technology solution for medicine.
We facilitate doctor-patient contact.

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Doctor.One is a registered medical entity

Agile and flexible approach to partner's needs

Experience in implementing medical projects

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