Created with doctors

Professional medical communicator

Doctor.One is a convenient app for contacting patients you know

Tailored for physicians - your dedicated app

Contact under control

Say goodbye to sharing your personal phone number with patients. Keep your personal and professional contacts separate.

Convenience at your fingertips

All patient messages, images, and medical documentation in a single, secure location.

Peace of mind after work

You receive only one notification per day. Patients know when to expect a response. in practice

Patient communication under your control

You share a link to your site

To stay connected with your patients after a visit, you don't share your private number or email. Simply provide a link to your Doctor.One page.

What do you gain?

You keep your personal and professional contacts separate.
Provide care to patients you know from the clinic without compromising your boundaries.

Patient sends a message

In case of need or questions, the patient can message on chat. They can also send a photo, recording, or file (e.g., test results). At the top of the chat, they see when to expect your response.

What do you gain?

All messages from your patients appear in one place.
Patient photos are securely stored and won't save in your phone's private gallery.

You get one notification

Say goodbye to scattered messages and hello to one daily notification tailored to your preferred time. Your patient can relax, assured of when to anticipate your response.

What do you gain?

You regain peace of mind and time for yourself.
We relieve you from the pressure of immediate responses to messages. No on-call shifts or 'live chat' queues with patients here.

You manage all tasks through the app

You can respond to patients' needs in a single application fully integrated with the P1 system.

What actions can you perform?

Answer in chat or call the patient
Check health history and previous calls
Issue a prescription or discharge
Issue a diagnosis and report the consultation to the P1 system
Make a medical note (a separate one for you to review and a separate one for the patient)

What do you gain?

Convenience and time, because you no longer have to switch between patient messages and the practice management program.
feel the difference

Comfort that surpasses the solutions you know

Patient messages
The patient knows when to expect your response
Patient messages and images are stored in compliance with the law
Prescriptions, medical records and reporting to P1
Regulations allow the offering of medical services

Your current solutions

Many, at different times
On different channels
Manually, switching to another tool

Medical communicator

One, at your preferred time
In one place
Automatically from the app
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It's easier than writing a prescription

Download the free Doctor.One app

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Notify patients through the app

Who are already contacting you privately. The more patients know about your Doctor.One, the less they will write to a private number, email or via Social Media.

Your trusted patients are at Doctor.One

Feel the convenience of contact in one safe place.

This is what you ask most often

I am afraid that patients will see my private number.

Patients cannot see your private number, so they cannot call you directly. You can contact the patient through the app, and your number is always hidden.

Is it time-consuming to use the app? I don't have extra time to devote to my work.

This is one of the main concerns of doctors who are starting to take their first steps in Doctor.One.

The app is designed to ease the doctor's workload, not add another full-time position. After two years of experience of more than 1,300 doctors in the app, we can proudly say that the average time doctors spend in the app is between 0 and 15 minutes per day.

Why so little? Our data shows that most patients contact their doctor in the app once a month or less often.

Combining the SMS function with the doctor's office means that you can handle your most important matters conveniently in one app, which also saves time significantly.

How do I add patients to the application?

At an appointment, the easiest way to add a patient is to use the "+" on the home screen in the upper right corner. It takes less than a minute.

Online, share your link to Doctor.One with the patient in a text message, on Whatsapp or by email. You can find it in the app under the "My Offie" tab.

How is billing handled in the app?

You get one invoice from us. You approve it and we send you one transfer for all your patients' subscriptions.

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Regain control over patient communication

Create an account and transfer patients to Doctor.One in 3 minutes!
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