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I get text messages from patients at my leisure
I get text messages from patients at my leisure
At Doctor.One, you take care of your patients without sacrificing your relaxation.
I can't relax after work
I can't relax after work
Experience the relief of not having to respond instantly to patient messages with Doctor.One.
I don't want to treat only symptoms during visits
I don't want to treat only symptoms during visits
Unleash your impact on patient care with Doctor.One, where time constraints don't limit you.
I have no feedback on the effects of treatment
I have no feedback on the effects of treatment
Empower patients with ongoing support - with Doctor.One you extend your care beyond the visit and ensure that patients are not left on their own.

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Reclaim peace and time for yourself

Doctor.One medical communicator is designed for you to take charge of patient communication, eliminating the need to share personal phone numbers or emails and avoiding inconvenient notifications.

Reclaim peace and time for yourself

Doctor.One's medical communicator was created so that you are the one who can manage the contact with patients you know from the office. No more sharing a private number or email or notifications at inconvenient times.
patient care

Patients feel cared for

Here, your patients feel secure as they can reach out to their trusted doctor without worrying about encroaching on your personal time, having clear expectations of response times.
with doctors in mind

We care about you,
so you can care about patients

All in one place

Say goodbye to toggling between texts, emails, and social media. Everything is streamlined in one place, where your patients can easily connect with you. Respond, prescribe, diagnose – all effortlessly.

No cost on your end, just potential gains

Turn your after-hours efforts into income by offering paid patient care. Secure a reliable monthly revenue, whether patients reach out or not. You have control over the amount.

Your secure alternative to SMS, messenger and emails

Safeguard your patient's most sensitive information – their medical data. Here, you ensure the security of patient messages and photos beyond the capabilities of text messages, messengers, and emails.
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Doctor.One is your secure and structured place on your phone to talk only to patients you know. As a result, you act in accordance with the guidelines set forth in Articles 8, 9, 10, 11, 40 for the provision of telemedicine services by the Commission on Medical Ethics of the Supreme Medical Council (NRL).

In the Doctor.One application, your patients' data are stored in accordance with the requirements of the Law on the Health Information System of April 28, 2011, as well as the Regulation of the Minister of Health of May 8, 2018 on the types of electronic medical records.


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Doctor.One is trusted by doctors across 33 specialties, including those in primary care, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and private practices.

"Thanks to Doctor.One
I've stopped being afraid of Fridays."

Joanna Lesnik

family medicine physician
She switched from contacting patients via Instagram to Doctor.One

"I take care of my patients while also taking care of myself"

Joanna Gryglewicz

internal medicine physician
She moved contact with more than 150 patients from SMS to Doctor.One

"I can finally decide about my availability" 

Irina Mogilnaya

M.D. Diabetology and Internal Medicine
Instead of sharing her private phone number, she gives patients access to Doctor.One
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This is what you ask most often

I don't believe in telemedicine and prescribers. It is impossible to take care of a patient just remotely.

We wholeheartedly agree with you. Telemedicine should not be an alternative but a complement to in-person interactions with patients. In our view, it's not prescription machines but doctors who heal people.

That's why Doctor.One is neither commonly understood telemedicine nor a platform for randomly issuing prescriptions to unfamiliar patients. Our application serves as a supplement to in-person visits and is intended solely for communication with patients already known to the doctor.

Moreover, it's the doctor who decides:
- whether the patient's issue can be conveniently addressed through the in-app chat,
- whether there are sufficient indications to issue or renew a prescription,
- whether the patient's condition necessitates an in-person consultation.

Why is using the app free? What's the catch?

There's no catch. If you choose to provide free patient communication through Doctor.One, the app is free for both you and the patient. Always.
If you decide to offer patients paid care in a subscription (especially recommended for patients with chronic conditions who need more than 10-minute visits once every few months), you receive 87.5%, and we receive 12.5% of the patient's subscription.

I worry that if I share my contact through Doctor.One I'll be bombarded with messages, leaving me with no personal time.

We understand your concern. Historically, to provide patients with a sense of security, you may have had to compromise your free time and privacy. Most doctors who started with Doctor.One had the same concerns as you, so they gradually informed patients about the secure contact through the app. You can listen to their stories here.
At Doctor.One, there are no binding contracts or conditions. If you decide it's not the right solution for you, you can opt out at any time with just one click in the app. Your patient can also opt out at any time.

I'm concerned that patients messaging me through the app might face issues, and I'll be held responsible.

The responsibility of a doctor for medical advice provided through telemedicine, such as video visits or chat, does not fundamentally differ from the responsibility for medical advice given in-person.
Both in the case of in-person consultations and telemedicine visits or advice provided through chat, according to Article 4 of the Act on the Medical Profession and Dentistry, you are obligated to act with due diligence, following the guidelines of current medical knowledge, using available methods and means of preventing, recognizing, and treating diseases, and adhering to professional ethical principles. If you adhere to these principles, you need not fear liability, regardless of the format in which you provide medical advice.

Patients write to me on Whatsapp. It is more convenient for me to write back there instead of informing them about Doctor.One

We understand! So far, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, or private email have been the only solutions for staying in touch with patients outside of in-person visits. However, these solutions also have legal downsides (which you can read about here).

To facilitate informing your patients about Doctor.One, you can:
- Use ready-made message templates and send them directly from the app,
- Utilize the link to your dedicated page, which you can copy into messages or emails,
- Share pre-made social media posts or order a free informational desk stand from us.

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